Esos condenados músicos...

Me tienen loco los señores del "supergrupo" The Damned Things... y el otro día me tocaron dos entradas para ir a verlos :D Su concierto no será muy largo, porque sólo tienen un disco, que encima es cortito, pero será intenso. Ya dije en el otro lado que me animan, me suben la moral, así que cuando vaya a verlos, estaré on fire.

Me gusta la energía que transmiten, pero también me gustan las letras. Son, a veces, extrañas, pero me tienen fascinado. Les dejo algunos fragmentos de varias canciones (ni digo de cuál son ni nada, un trabajo muy fino, sí):

We're breaking up, getting lost in the static
You're getting blurry, right in front of me
The footsteps growing quiet in the hallway as I let go
The gravity that attracts us helps us implode, or else we'd keep dividing but I know

We're aimed straight at each other
We are doomed to crash, so strike up a fire, light up the town, because
We're aimed straight at each other
This was meant to last
So don't try to fight it, the chaos will calm us down

You couldn't tell from my tone that I want you?
You couldn't guess from the vibe that you're mine?
Shot glasses, burnt out cigarettes
You wanted nothing, baby get in line
I couldn't stay though I thought you'd be waiting, holding your breath while I wore out the crown
Clock freezes, no change in scenery
I closed my eyes and you opened the ground

So I watch and I wait and I pace
You gave rope so I'm hanging around

Bad blood is maybe what we need tonight in our veins
Bad blood, we're dancing on the edge of the knife
Can you feel it?
Tonight we bring our bodies to life

All I want is another good time
It's Friday night and Sunday's saints have gone away
They're out of sight
All I want is another good time
It's Friday night, and if we're all going down in flames
I think the devil just called my name

Cross the world in search of a balance
The white whale keeps eluding me
We've got our hooks in, now we're dragged by our feet
Don't ask if I know where it's going
Because I don't know, I don't know
But where I end up is where I rest my bones

I hope you've taken notice of the wandering eyes, all the circling wagons and where I draw the line
All the birds of prey that keep searching have come to feast on my little black heart
Some get discouraged while the other ones starve

We've got to keep moving

And though the dust might settle my bones, my blood will sneak out after dark
Tracking scents like a hound dog hunting party that catches you and bring you to my little black heart

A blank slate in the water with nothing sinking in, and I just keep repeating every goddamn thing
I try to trim some fat from the evening, throw some meat to the wolves gathered round
I still get discouraged because it's just slowing me down

I'll let the coin toss figure it out if that's alright
I can't be bothered with the affairs of the heart
When I'm trying to ruin my life
Place your money down to beat the spread
You give me more credit than you should ever invest
And if it's bad luck that suits us
Then I'm one of a kind

It's not necessity that kept you around of that I'm sure
Unless you need to keep falling apart then I'm your safest bet
We've been counting cards trying to win
I lost more dignity then I had to spend
And if it's bad luck that suits us
Then I'm one of a kind

I got caught dragging the scraps from the heap by the junkyard dogs
They won't leave me alone because I went for the pearl they keep in the mouth of the pig
But he won't let it go, so I broke the lock to the vault where they buried my child
But he won't stay alive
No he can't be revived
Don't push me
I said I was leaving
I just wanted to stick my hands up the shirts of the grieving

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